Amazon Prepares For Stake Transfer As Bezos’ Finalizes Divorce With $38 Billion Settlement

A while ago, the CEO and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, announced that he was getting a divorce. The announcement was made through the joint Twitter account of the couple. As soon as they made the announcement, his wife (now ex-wife) MacKenzie Bezos, received a lot of media backlash. She was accused of being greedy and wanting a divorce just so she could become one of the richest women in the world after the settlement. However, Bezos subsequently revealed that he decided to divorce his wife so that he could be with his mistress. Now, the divorce is final and MacKenzie will receive a $38.3 billion settlement after 25 years of marriage.

MacKenzie Prepares To Receive Amazon Stake

According to the reports on Bloomberg, MacKenzie Bezos will get $19.7 million worth of shares from Amazon. This makes up about 4% of its outstanding stock. The divorce was finalized by a Seattle-area Judge yesterday. Jeff still owns a 12% stake in Amazon and this is worth about $114.8 billion.

When the couple announced that they were getting a divorce, some financial experts were worried that Jeff may have less voting power or that he and his wife will liquidate their large positions and this would affect the state of the company. To ease the worry of investors, MacKenzie announced that she would give Jeff voting control over her shares.

MacKenzie said that she would give half of everything she gets after the divorce to charity through the Giving Pledge, a campaign that was founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in 2010.

Following this divorce, Jeff is still going to be the richest man in the world irrespective of the settlement money and the 4% Amazon stake that was given to MacKenzie. Both parties are separating on good terms.

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