Ammo Dealers Make Record Sales as California’s Governor Passes 6 New Gun Bills

The governor of California recently signed six new gun bills as part of the state’s public safety and gun control efforts. With one of the new bills, sellers on ammunition will be required by law to perform background checks on customers before selling to them. Also, individuals who have high-capacity magazines will have to turn them in. According to reports from local news outlets, ammunition dealers recorded a massive surge in sales following the signing of the bill. Apparently, residents were stashing ammo ahead of when the bills will be passed into law.

California Residents Stash Ammo Ahead Of Gun Laws

According to store owners in Los Angeles, individuals spent hundreds of dollars purchasing ammo last week and over the weekend as they hurried to buy before Monday, July 1st when the bills will be passed into law. Daniel Kash, the president of one of the stores, said that his store recorded a 400% surge when compared to this time last year. He said that everyone who owns a gun knows about the bill. This is why they decided to stack up before July 1st.

Before now, the state of California already had strong gun control laws. Most assault weapons are illegal for residents and they are not allowed to have magazines with large capacities. When you buy a firearm, you must wait for about 10 days before you get it. Unfortunately, these restrictions and many similar ones were not enough to ensure public safety without taking guns away from residents completely. This is why the state decided to target ammunition purchase. With the new laws, the old ones will be made more effective.

The goal of the new law is to make sure that even if guns are accessible to almost everyone, dangerous people with stained records will not be able to walk into a gun store and buy ammo. This will go a long way to improving public safety.

Madison Iszler

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