iPhone’s Designer, Jony Ive Leaves Apple to Start His Own Business


Apple just lost one of its oldest developers who had a key role to play in making Apple the most valuable tech company in the world. According to reports on Financial Times, Jony Ive, who designed the iPhone, iPod, and the iMac, will be leaving Apple to start his own firm called LoveForm. The reports revealed that Ive will be leaving on a good note as Apple will be the first client of his startup.

Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple To Start LoveForm

Even if his departure from the company is natural and expected, it comes at a time when shareholders are concerned about the dropping iPhone sales. You’ll recall that another key member of Apple, Angela Ahrendts, left the company about two months ago. Ive worked with Apple for almost 30 years and says that he never regretted his decision to be part of the company.

His firm LoveForm is going to be based in California and will most likely focus on wearable technology. According to Ive, one of his friends and a collaborator at Apple, Marc Newson, will also be joining his firm. He isn’t just going to focus on design. According to him, different developers from various fields will be part of the team.

Ive’s contribution to Apple is incomparable. The designer joined the firm in 1996 at a time when the company was struggling financially and laying off workers. With the creation of the iMac, Ive saved the company. The iPhone is the most popular Apple product till this day and Ive was the mastermind behind it. Several technology companies have been trying to displace the iPhone with other smartphones all to no avail.

In 2001, Ive designed the iPod which also became one of the most popular Apple products in history. In time, more details about his startup will be released.

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