Mueller’s Next Testimony will be Targeted at Exposing all Trump’s Alleged Crimes

The Mueller investigation may have been concluded but Democrats are still struggling to find loopholes in the findings that will expose the alleged crimes of the President, Donald Trump. According to the latest report on CNN, Democrats have devised a new plan that would finally reveal the alleged crimes of Trump. The Democrats have already prepared targeted questions for Mueller that will focus on five aspects of the report that will change the public’s perception of Trump’s alleged crimes.

Democrats Device New Plan Against Trump

The Democrats intend to focus on certain actions of Trump including his attempts to fire the special counsel and intimidate witnesses. They will also ask questions related to Trump’s contacts in Russia. Rather than focus on every part of the investigation, they have selected a list of questions which they hope will give them accurate information about the alleged criminal activities of Trump.

If their plan works and they can change the minds of the public, they may also successfully change the stance the House has currently taken on impeaching Trump. Democrats aren’t the only ones preparing for the hearing. Republicans, on their part, are also preparing. They have all been preparing questions, re-watching past hearings and practicing for what is going to be the most important hearing in recent American history.

While the House Intelligence Committee is going to focus on Russia’s alleged interference with the 2016 election, the Judiciary Committee will focus on allegations of obstruction against the President. If Mueller doesn’t provide a testimony that is compelling enough to implicate Trump, the case would be closed for good. Mueller, on his part, has said that he has no intention of answering questions that go beyond what was initially stated in the report. However, Democrats believe that his testimony will bring his allegations to life so that everyone can see the extent of these alleged crimes.

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