Trump Breaks Twitter Again as he lashes out on Congresswomen in a Series of Tweet

Donald Trump might be the President but he doesn’t have the sugar coating tongue of a politician. Even before he became the president, he made a lot of opposers and supporters because he always had a habit of saying what he wanted no matter who was watching. The president also has an active Twitter account which he handles by himself. On several occasions, he has received backlash because of his tweets. This time, the president came for Congresswomen and he didn’t hold back.

Trump Comes For Congresswomen On Twitter

Yesterday, referring to a group of Democratic Congresswoman, Trump posted a series of tweets asking them to return to their countries. His latest tweets were in line with a tweet he posted last year in which he referred to some countries as shitholes. In his words;

“Go and fix the crime-infested and broken countries you came from. It’s interesting that Democrat Congressmen who came from countries that are in the absolute catastrophe are now viciously telling us how to run the United States government.”

The tweets didn’t include names but there are few Congresswomen who came from other nations so most people considered the President’s statement as racist. Over the last few years, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Congresswomen who originate from outside the United States, have opposed the President rigorously.

Quick to respond, Omar, who came with her family as a refugee from Somalia to the United States many years ago, said she is sworn to the United States and not to any other country. In her words; “Mr. President, the country I am from and we swear to serve is the United States. You are angry because it’s difficult for you to conceive of the United States that includes us.”

Other members of Omar’s squad responded to the President stating that he is only distracting the public from the fact that authorities and knocking down doors in search for illegal immigrants.

Madison Iszler

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