Trump Demands an Apology for America from Minority Congresswomen Following Lash Out on Twitter

Last week, Trump lashed out on a set of minority congresswomen who have opposed his administration from the beginning. While he did not mention any names, his tweets were directed to Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These women are Democrats who are popularly known as the squad. Following the initial tweets, the squad responded. Each one objected to Trump’s statement and reminded him that they are sworn to America and not to their original countries.

Trump Continues His Attack On The Squad

This morning, the President took to Twitter to demand an apology from the minority Congresswomen asking them to apologize to America and Israel for all the speeches they made. In his words; “I do not believe that these four Congresswomen can ever love this country. They should apologize to the United States of America (and Israel) for the hateful things they said. They are succeeding in destroying the Democratic party but they will never destroy our great nation Nation!”

In his initial attack last Sunday, Trump said that the squad should return to their” crime infested” home countries and stop telling America how to run its government. At the time, authorities had just started a door to door crackdown in search for illegal immigrants, a move that has been criticized by the squad. The squad said that Trump was only trying to distract Americans from the crackdown which they described as inhumane and unfair to hard-working residents of the country.

While many people have condemned the statements by Trump, a lot of people have supported the President and the phrase “go back home” has now become the foremost hate speech against immigrants. However, the House has condemned the speech publicly to show the American people that they are not in support of what they termed “racist statements”.

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