Trump Gets Backlash for Making a Mistake During 4th of July Speech

Yesterday, Thursday, July 4th, Americans around the country gathered in celebration of countries independence from Britain as they have every year since 1776. Every year, the President gives a speech to mark the declaration of independence and inspire the American people. This year, President Trump gave a speech like the Presidents before him. However, he has been getting a lot of backlashes because he mixed his facts and made a mistake in his speech.

Trump Makes Mistake in Independence Day Speech

As Trump gave his speech on Lincoln Memorial, the audience cheered in agreement when he referred to America as “the most exceptional nation in the world’s history”. However, as the President talked about the American Revolution, he mentioned airports even if there were no airports in the 18th century. In his words;

“In June 1775, the Continental Congress built a unified army from the Revolutionary Forces that encamped near New York and Boston. It was named after the legendary commander in chief, George Washington. After a bitter winter of Valley Forge, the Continental Army became victorious across Delaware and defeated the Cornwallis of Yorktown. Our Army was in charge of manning the air. We rammed the ramparts and took over airports.”

The airport part isn’t the only mistake in the President’s speech. He also made reference to the battle at Fort McHenry. This battle, which was the inspiration for “The Star-Spangled Banner” a book by Francis Scott, happened in 1812 and not during the American Revolution.

He continued; “Our Army did everything it could and found victory in Fort McHenry. When dawn came, their star-spangled banner waved defiantly.”

As expected, Trump’s critics on social media have been lashing out following the speech. From high profile public figures to regular American citizens, there have been many negative comments about the President’s speech. Also as expected, Trump supporters have put up a shield and full defense in support of the President.

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