Trump Gets Backlash From Chuck Schumer Following His Stop In North Korea

On Sunday, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, met with the ruler of North Korea Kim Jong Un on his way from Japan to China following the G20 summit. The meeting has led to mixed reactions from people across the globe. This is because it is the first time in history that a President of the United States is stepping foot on North Korean soil. Some saw the President’s move as an act of bravery while others saw it a violation of America’s foreign policy.

Chuck Schumer Says Trump’s Actions Are Bad For The Country

The Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, said that Trump’s actions mark one of the worst days in America’s foreign policy history.

During the Anderson Cooper 360 show, Schumer said that Trump’s visit to North Korea shows that he admires Kim Jong Un. In his words;

“Trump admires these strongmen. He has no principles about the rule of law or democracy. This was one of the worst days in American foreign policy in the diplomatic history of the country.”

According to him, this move by Trump is an extension of his erratic foreign policy and it hurts the American government in the long run. He said that Trump is praising dictators and ruining the country’s foreign policy. He continued;

“Messing up foreign policy left and right, Praising dictators, doing exactly what Kim Jong Un wanted him to do, referring to him as a friend, and giving him a pat on the back for nothing, absolutely nothing.”

The White House announced that the meeting was a success but the reports that started circulating on Sunday was that Trump’s administration is planning to accept North Korea as a nuclear power. Schumer said that the meeting was no more than a photo op and that Trump has no strategy in play.

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