Trump Slams Democrats Over Healthcare Policy That Would Benefit Illegal Immigrants

At the wake of the democratic debate, Trump’s activities on Twitter broke the internet. While the world watched each contestant pitch their manifesto, the President typed the word “BORING” on his official Twitter handle. This single word tweet broke the microblogging site. Thousands of his supporters agreed with him while his opposers were angered by his tweet. Yesterday, he took to Twitter again to slam Democrats over their willingness to offer 100% healthcare to illegal immigrants at the expense of American citizens.

Trump Slams Democrats Over Healthcare Policy

From the beginning, the core of Trump’s campaign has been making America great again by serving American citizens first before immigrants and making it difficult for illegal immigrants to enter the nation. However, during the debate, Democrats agreed to enforce a healthcare policy that will give illegal immigrants unlimited access. According to Trump, the Democrats are neglecting the American people for the benefit of illegal immigrants. In his words;

“Democrats have all just raised their hands in agreement to give millions of illegal immigrants unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of the American citizens first? That’s the end of that race!”

While he was being interviewed by Angela Merkel, he said that the debate was a waste of time and he would prefer to spend his time with Merkel than to watch the debate. Of all the things he heard during the debate, the issue of offering 100% healthcare to illegal immigrants was the one he capitalized on the most.

Before the debate started, the president tweeted that he would not be paying much attention to it because he was scheduled to be in Japan for the G20 conference with other world leaders. However, the debate was on for less than 30 minutes when he started weighing in. This was contrary to the advice from Republicans who said that the president should resist the urge to talk about the debate by Democratic hopefuls.

His son, Donald Trump Junior, also took to Twitter to weigh in on the debate giving special attention to the performance of Joe Biden.

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