Trump to Begin Immigration Raids this Sunday with Special Attention on Criminals

During his campaign, one of Trump’s primary promises was to get rid of as many illegal immigrants as possible. Since he took power, he has been making moves to fulfill this campaign promise. On Friday, the President said that border agents will take to selected residential areas and fish out illegal immigrants from door to door. This raid is going to start on Sunday, July 14th.

 Trump’s Door To Door Raid Scheduled To Start Tomorrow

While Trump is certain that his door to door raids will be beneficial to the American people by reducing the incidence of crime caused by illegal immigrants, many of his opponents believe the raids are unnecessary. They say that these raids will only ensnare innocent immigrants who are living peacefully in the country and those who may have missed court dates because they didn’t know they had appointments. However, the President is determined to carry on with the raids. Speaking to reporters in the White House, he said; “It (the raids) will start on Sunday and we will fish out illegal aliens and send them back to their countries. Our primary focus is on criminals. We would get rid of as many as we can before we focus on anything else.”

Speaking against the action, Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker said, “Everyone in America has rights. This raid will be against our hard-working families and communities. It is brutal and it is going to tear families apart leaving children traumatized.”

While the raids will be done in ten cities, the locations have not been reviewed yet. This way, no illegal immigrant will be able to take cover and wait out the storm.

A while ago, Mike Pence, the Vice President visited the southern border on a tour of the migrant detention centers in Texas. When media outlets reported that the living conditions in the detention centers were poor, Trump said that the places were crowded because there are many people there but all of them are in good shape.

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