United States Government Seeks Legal Justification for Military Strike Against Iran

The tensions between the United States and Iran have escalated in recent times and the Trump administration is now considering a military strike against Iran that would be fully backed by the law. This is despite the effort by Congress to prevent an all-out war between the United States and Iran. Right now, the doors have been open and the administration is searching for the slightest legal backing that will justify an attack on Iran.

 Trump’s Administration Considers Military Action Against Iran

 A while ago, Trump said that he doesn’t intend to involve American ground troops in Iran in the rising tensions. However, if there is enough evidence to link the strong presence of al-Qaida to Iran, a military strike will be justified against the country if ordered by the President.

 Last week, in an effort to prevent the Trump administration from launching a military attack on Iran, Congress tried to enact a law that would require that they give their approval before any military action is taken by the President. However, they were unable to raise the 60 Senate votes required to pin down the executive powers over military engagement.

 Mike Pompeo was recently asked about the possibility of the Trump administration ordering a military strike on Iran without legal justification. In reply, the official said that any move by the White House and the president will be in line with the constitution. Pompeo’s representative for Iran, Brian Hook, said that he doesn’t have much knowledge about this particular topic when he was questioned by the House Armed Services Committee.

 A while ago, the Trump administration cited intelligence that revealed that Iran or proxies of the country were making preparations to attack United States ground troops in the Middle East. Since then, there have been growing worries about the possibility of a military strike against Iran and what it would mean for the United States.

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