Walgreens Eye Drops Sold By Retail Giant Walmart Gets Recalled Due To Sterility Issues

Walmart is the top retail giant in the United States. The company doesn’t just offer products from other brands but has its unique line of products. Recently, however, one of the products in the Walmart line, Walgreens, a line of eye drops, was recalled along with some other ointments by other brands. The Food and Drug Administration cited sterility concerns as the cause for the recall.

 Walgreens, Walmart Branded Eye Drops, Recalled By FDA

The recall notice states that 23 products from different manufacturers and brands were affected. Walgreens, which is manufactured by the New York-based Altaire Pharmaceuticals Inc. recalled the products voluntarily because they are not sterile. Products that aren’t sterile when they are supposed to have the potential to cause life-threatening problems when administered.

While the manufacturers have not received any reports of adverse effects related to the use of the product, the recall is a precautionary measure. Part of the recall notice is as follows;

“Administering a product which is supposed to be sterile but is non-sterile can cause adverse infections and even lead to death.

Apart from the eye drops, the company recalled five other products from the drugstore chain. About six lots have been affected and customers who have already purchased these products have been advised not to use them but to return them to the store.

About 74 lots from Walmart have been recalled by Altaire. This includes 10 Equate products and another eye drop from Support Harmony brand. The Support Harmony brand eye drops were discontinued in January 2018 although there have been no reports of adverse effects occurring as a result of the use of this product.

The list of product codes of all the affected items is on the notice on the FDA’s website. Customers have been encouraged to check the list for all the products that have been recalled to avoid using them.

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